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We only represent office tenants

Andrews Real Estate Advisors is one of the most experienced office space brokers and commercial real estate consultants in New York City. But that is not the only thing we bring to the table. It is surprising but true: many brokers represent landlords AND tenants. As you can imagine, this creates a conflict of interest. When your broker is employed by a real estate firm that also acts on behalf of building owners, the broker will favor spaces owned by his landlord clients. The broker also might not negotiate as aggressively on your behalf. Not us. We are single-minded in our approach. That makes us different. That makes us better.

One side. Your side.

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Our tenant brokers are
free of conflicts of interest

Andrews Real Estate Advisors offer aggressive and tenacious negotiations for our tenants.
Our entire focus is on finding the best space and best deal possible for the tenant.

We exclusively represent tenants and are therefore free of the conflicts of interest that arise when the same realtor represents both the tenant and landlord- This is what makes us different from other real estate firms.  Conflicts of interest arise when your broker is employed by a real estate firm that also acts as leasing and/or managing agent for building owners. When that happens, the broker is invested in favoring spaces in buildings owned by his landlord clients. This broker will not negotiate fairly for the tenant. 

Our office space leasing program

Steps 1-6

Our office space leasing program is a disciplined, in-depth process that will optimize the financial benefits to you, the tenant. Our program will:
Define your space needs based on operating requirements
Evaluate your present leasing situation for potential relocation or continuing in your current location
Organize a complete program covering lease analysis, evaluation of qualified properties, capital expenditures, and potential future growth
Provide building comparisons of qualified properties
Institute preliminary space studies, define requirements and make a cost analysis
Conduct negotiations, make recommendations, and negotiate final lease
Use the scroll wheel to advance through the program’s phases.

What Makes Our Tenant Representation Services Exceptional?

Is an office space
environmentally friendly?

We will advise you

As an additional service, Andrews Real Estate Advisors has LEED Accredited Professional staff certified by the US Green Building Association who will advise at no cost on office space environmental quality.

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