LEED Certified Staff

Guidance in the Evaluation and Development of Environmentally Healthy Office Buildings

Andrews Real Estate Advisors has LEED AP accredited staff that are qualified
by the US Green Building Association (USGBC) to advise a tenant on the
environmental quality of a building affecting a tenant’s business and employees. The firm’s staff possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to
participate in the office design process leading to an environmentally healthy office environment and to support and encourage integrated design
incorporating the elements of a sound environmental architectural infrastructure.

The abbreviation stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  There are currently more than 100,000 buildings that are in the process of receiving the certificate or have already received it. Each of these projects has the chance to achieve one of the 4 levels of LEED certification, which are: Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

LEED certification is given to eligible buildings based upon their environmental and design characteristics.   LEED certified buildings have been shown to increase the productivity and performance of employees in their offices.  There are a number of factors that influence how well people are working in an office. These include air quality, climate comfort, lighting, interior layout, outside views, and the building location. By selecting buildings that meet LEED criteria, overall productivity and absenteeism can be improved.  
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A building that has been certified by LEED, especially one with a high rating, is seen as an enrichment of the local neighborhood. Furthermore, it shows how a company is promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.  This brings a boost in the public image of a business located in these buildings.  It has been found that LEED can attract more attention or awareness towards these companies located in LEED buildings.

Another benefit of LEED certification is that it attracts more customers, as there is an increased awareness of products from sustainable businesses nowadays.  Many businesses are searching for green offices that are equipped with the latest environmental amenities and technologies. This allows attracting more employees and also brings an increase in working performance. A USGBC study shows that 79% of employees would choose a job in a building that has been certified by LEED over one that is not certified.