Victor Van Ness is a realtor and professional engineer who brings thirty years of design and real estate experience to his transactions.  He brings an unusual degree of tech savviness to the services that he offers his clients.  He has worked on major real estate transactions at Hudson Yards, Arthur Ashe Stadium, and Infra Tech Engineering, NY State Dept. of Transportation, NY Dept. of Environmental Protection, and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and NYC Parks Dept..  

This work experience involved complex and tasking projects using multiple resources, timelines, and teams.  His analytical engineering background makes him especially adept in understanding real estate, trends, data, and forecasts.  He has the acumen for collecting real estate information, and then, assembling, visualizing, and investigating the information for the resolution of complex real estate situations.  He leverages his knowledge of market trends and statistics to forecast futures within the office space market and determine the best use of a company’s capital according to its goals. In short, he is an expert in performing the due diligence to broker real estate deals and interact with landlords and tenants in the commercial sector.

In his spare time, Victor enjoys swimming, hiking, and exploring Ireland.  

Mr. Van Ness has a degree in engineering from the University of Southern Alabama.